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Venturemark is the easiest way for venture capitalists to create a financial portfolio and track their early-stage startup investments.


I collaborated with a remote team of three engineers based in Vietnam and Hong Kong to make it easier for investors to track their investments with an end goal bridging access to founders in less visible, however developing economies.

Back story

I was tasked with UX/UI design and prototyping the new and improved Venturemark, a platform for venture capital investors.


The Problem


Currently, investors use an array of tools, namely spreadsheets, to track their investments.


This can lead to errors, inconsistencies for agents within a firm, at can easily attribute to a loss in millions if not accurately representative of a company's cash and equity-related activities.


The Solution


A platform that does some of the math for you, removing the risk of input error with a single source of truth for company cash flow and information (e.g., shares on hand, funding rounds, etc.)


Venturemark proposes to make it easy for investors to:

• • add companies to their portfolio

• • import funding rounds

• • visualize the growth of individual companies they've invested in

• • add or editing funding rounds for companies in their portfolio

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